Bible Basics for Catholics

Author Dr. John Bergsma writes:

“You’re Catholic. You know you ought to know the Bible better than you do, and you feel vaguely guilty that you don’t. Come on, admit it. You know it’s true! " 

We know EXACTLY what he means: We all would like to study the Bible, but we're not sure where to start. We’d LOVE to take a class, but we’re busy (and who wants to go back to school?!). We’ve tried Bible studies before, but almost none of it reaches our minds or hearts.

This Fall, let award-winning Professor Bergsma (from Franciscan University of Steubenville) guide you through a high energy and entertaining walk through the Bible, illustrated with his own charming STICK FIGURES! A book so fresh, engaging, and instructive, you’ll find yourself smiling as you read it and be amazed at what you retain.

Audience: Perfect for beginners, for seasoned Bible readers, for everyone! Guaranteed to teach new ideas, even if you’ve studied scripture for years. For more information about purchasing Bible Basics, CLICK HERE.


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